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CMC Dynamic I-Lanyards Dynamic I-Lanyard 24″


CMC Dynamic I-Lanyards Dynamic I-Lanyard 24″

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Versatile and efficient, CMC’s Dynamic I-Lanyards are excellent multipurpose tools for high angle rope work and essential kit for the technical professional. Ideal for rope access, arbor, rescue, and via ferrata. Dynamic I-Lanyards come in 24″ (61 cm) and 30″ (76 cm) sizes, offering a variety of attachment options and technical uses. They are designed to reach specified length when a 10 kg load is applied in accordance with EN 354 and have a +/- 1″ (2.54 cm) tolerance.

Dynamic I-Lanyards are made from 11 mm dynamic Teufelberger Apex rope with a dry treated core. This rope was selected for supple handling and high durability, making lanyards easy to manipulate and load into devices like a chest ascender. I-Lanyards are assembled using relaxed rope to minimize variations, twists, and shrinking over time. They are 100% inspected and every lot is sampled and strength tested for validation. Made in the USA with automated sewing for a repeatable and reliable stitch pattern,

CMC’s I-Lanyards are certified as Lanyards according to EN 354: 2020 and Temporary Anchor Devices according to EN 795/B: 2012. They function as both fall arrest PPE as well as anchor devices when wrapped around structures in basket configuration. Sewn terminations at each end include thimbles to maintain loop integrity and prevent cross-loading. CMC’s I-Lanyards come with large thimbles installed at each eye, sized for compatibility with connectors. A small thimble is also included, sized for compatibility with quick-links. Thimbles are removable and can be swapped in or out.

Multi-purpose tool and PPE for rope access, arbor, recue, and via ferrata
Key element for working on rope and vertical progression, including:

Work positioning
Fall arrest
Aid climbing
Passing a deviation
Connecting to anchors
Attaching to highlines
Leashing equipment
Rescues & pick-offs

Certified as lanyards under fall arrest standard and as temporary anchor devices
Two sizes allow variety of uses when connected to sternal or ventral D-Ring
Sewn terminations with thimbles for maintaining loop integrity and connector position
Comes with 2 large thimbles installed and 1 additional small thimble included
Constructed from relaxed rope, 100% inspected, and strength tested in each lot
Dynamic I-Lanyards are 11 mm Teufelberger Apex rope with dry treated core
Sized to reach specified length when 10 kg of load is applied, +/- 1″ tolerance
Made in the USA


Lanyards according to EN 354: 2020
Temporary Anchor Devices according to EN 795/B: 2012

Click here for the CMC Bullnose & I-Lanyards PPE Procedures & Resources.

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Dimensions 2461 in

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