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Cobra Rescue Harness by CMC/Roco | Cobra Buckle Harnesses


The CMC/Roco Cobra Rescue Harness™ features easy-use AustriAlpin Cobra™ buckles, enhanced comfort with a wider waist strap, and a Fall Arrest Indicator for safety and reliability in rescue operations.

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The CMC/Roco Cobra Rescue Harness™, designed collaboratively by Roco Rescue and CMC engineers and instructors, represents a significant improvement in ease of use for donning and doffing while maintaining the trusted safety and comfort features characteristic of our harnesses.

Central to this new design are the patented ANSI-certified AustriAlpin Cobra™ quick connect buckles. Made of aluminum, these buckles are among the strongest load-bearing, quick-release fasteners available and are engineered to remain securely fastened under load, offering unmatched reliability.

Key enhancements to the harness include a wider waist strap, which improves load distribution across a broader surface area for enhanced comfort. Another innovative feature is the Fall Arrest Indicator located near the dorsal D-ring, which exposes a stitched warning label if excessive force has been applied, signaling potential compromise.

The harness retains essential CMC/Roco brand features, including robust work-positioning side D-rings, Velcro Web Keepers for tidy strap management, and an enlarged central D-ring that accommodates multiple rescue-sized carabiners, ensuring versatility and safety in various rescue operations.

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