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The Confined Space Rescue Rigging Kit is a comprehensive system designed for safe and efficient vertical entry confined space rescues. Available in 11 mm and 13 mm options, the kit contains everything needed for entry, extraction, and patient packaging, all organized in durable bags for easy transport.

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Confined space rescue operations require specialized equipment to ensure the safety of both rescuers and entrants. This rigging kit provides a complete system for vertical entry confined space rescue. It includes everything needed to safely enter a confined space, haul in or lower an entrant, and package a patient for extraction.

The kit features advanced equipment designed for efficiency and safety. The CMC CSR2 Pulley System allows for efficient raising and lowering of rescuers and patients. The CMC Triskelion provides safe directional control, and the CMC CLUTCH ensures smooth rope handling with a ratcheting sheave, anti-panic brake, and force limiting to reduce the risk of injuries.

The Confined Space Rescue Rigging Kit comes in two options, allowing you to choose between 11 mm or 13 mm kit based on your specific needs. While this kit provides the rigging equipment, it is important to note that CMC recommends each team member to have their own Confined Space Entrant Personal Kit for complete safety.

The kits are packaged in various bags and packs for easy organization, storage, and transport during rescue operations.

Kit Contents:

  • Bags and Packs:

    • Gear Bag
    • Rope and Equipment Bag
    • Multiple Rope Bags for organization
  • Technical Gear:

    • CMC Triskelion Tripod
    • Aluminum Anchor Plate
    • 18 CMC PS Lock BRT Carabines
    • 2 PMP SS Pro Swivel Pulleys
    • Red and Yellow Tubular Webbing
    • Fastlink Anchor Strap
    • 4 Sewn Loop Prussiks
    • Confined Space Rescue Manual
  • Patient Packaging:

    • Lifesaver Victim Harnesses (Chest and Regular)
    • Drag-N-Lift Harness with Bar Kit
  • Edge Protection:

    • Edge Pad
    • Static Rope
    • Anchor Strap Sleeve
    • Entry-Ease
  • 11 mm Kit Includes:

    • 11 mm CMC CLUTCH
    • 11 mm CSR2 Pulley System
    • Static Ropes in Various Colors (7/16″)
  • 13 mm Kit Includes:

    • 13 mm CMC CLUTCH
    • CSR2 Pulley System
    • Static Ropes in Various Colors (1/2″)

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