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LEVR Escape System LEVR Escape System – Flash.2


LEVR Escape System LEVR Escape System – Flash.2

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Compact. Reliable. Intuitive.
The most compact escape system available.

The LEVR Escape System is built around CMC’s patented LEVR Descender, a next-generation device that uses its lever-shaped handle for progressive descent control, fast and easy horizontal pay-out, reliable edge transition, and intuitive operation. Designed to assure rapid emergency egress with safe, controllable descent, this escape system is now offered with the option of either the gated Flash.G™ Escape Anchor or Flash.2™ Escape Anchor.

CMC’s Flash Anchors are structurally optimized to be strong, robust, lightweight, and low-profile. Both the Flash.G and Flash.2 are classified to NFPA standards as Emergency Escape Anchors and Escape Descent Control Devices (DCDs), allowing advanced users to lower a victim and then lower themselves, a sequence referred to as the Byrne Technique after Firefighter and CMC School Instructor Kelly Byrne. Advanced users interested in the Byrne Technique should check out CMC’s LEVR BT Escape System.

The LEVR Escape System also includes 50 feet of proprietary CMC Fire Escape Web™, made of 100% Technora fiber for high strength, durability, heat-resistance, and superior packability. A low-profile Fire Escape Bag allows right or left hand deployment and attaches securely to a belt or harness. The personal tether and aluminum auto-locking carabiner keep the system connected to an attachment point and ready for immediate deployment. Extremely compact, the LEVR Escape System integrates with turnout gear and leaves the user unencumbered.

“If you want my personal opinion, I’ve moved to the LEVR System. The LEVR is the best descender currently available, it’s intuitive and easy to use. The proprietary webbing and its packability, strength, durability, and heat resistance far exceeds whats on the market. The Flash.G and Flash.2 have a hitching slot, excellent strength and lightness, and the right ergonomics. And now the LEVR BT System has a carabiner integrated on the terminal end. This is the big evolution and CMC has taken it there: systems that are lighter weight, more versatile, and extremely strong.”

-Dale G. Pekel, Wauwatosa WI Fire
Hear more on CMC Podcast E12

Flash.G Escape Anchor or Flash.2 Escape Anchor

Classified to NFPA standards as Emergency Escape Anchors and Escape Descent Control Devices
Structurally optimized to be strong, robust, lightweight, and low-profile
Ergonomic shape provides a firm, full-hand grip for rapid deployment and placement
Rated to 13.5 kN MBS, even when loaded at the tip, yet weighs under 8oz
Tip designed for superior embedment, helping seat anchor and prevent rotation
Wide throat provides high compatibility and stability when hooking structures
Flash.G gate is solid, smooth acting, and easy to manipulate without catching on gear


LEVR Descender (Reeved with Fire Escape Web)

Engineered for easy horizontal payout of web and reduced impact force if shock loaded during bailout
Smooth and reliable edge transition, rolling over the lip to minimize potential hang-ups at the window sill
Auto-locking for hands-free exit, and has an ergonomic non-slip handle for gloved operation
Smooth, progressive descent control, can be used in 1 or 2 handed method while controlling tail
Weight: 190 g (6.7 oz); Dimensions: 158 L x 38 W x 31 H mm (6.25 L x 1.5 W x 1.25 H in)
Personal tether and auto-locking ProTech™ carabiner for remaining attached to the system
Patented. Made in USA.


Fire Escape Web (50 ft)

15.2 m (50 ft) of 11 mm of proprietary web (UL Classified to NFPA 1983 FR Escape Web)
100% Technora for strength, durability, and heat-resistance
Web dramatically reduces the space required for storage


Fire Escape Bag

Low-profile Nomex side carry bag made for right or left hand deployment
Attaches securely to a belt or harness with fasteners and tunnel loops


Custom carry bags are available. Please contact our Customer Support Team for more information.

Visit our blog post for details on product evaluation. Visit our LEVR demo page to get first-hand experience.

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