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MPD (Multi-Purpose Device)

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The MPD: A Multi-Purpose Device for Enhanced Safety in Rope Rescue Operations

The MPD (Multi-Purpose Device) is a revolutionary tool designed to improve efficiency and safety in rope rescue scenarios, particularly within the workplace. Here’s why the MPD is a valuable addition to your workplace safety equipment:

Increased Efficiency and Faster Rescues:

  • Reduced Weight and Fewer Components: The MPD combines multiple functionalities into a single device, reducing the overall weight of your rescue kit and the number of components to manage during setup. This simplifies on-scene rigging, allowing for faster deployment and quicker rescues.
  • Quick Changeovers and Simplified Training: The MPD’s design allows you to switch between lowering and raising operations without needing to change hardware. This reduces setup complexity and simplifies training for your rescue team.

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Lower Risk of Errors: By reducing the number of components and simplifying rigging procedures, the MPD helps minimize the risk of errors during setup, which can be critical in high-pressure rescue situations.
  • Increased Confidence During Confined Space Operations: The MPD’s ability to rapidly convert into a retrieval line makes it ideal for confined space rescues. This allows you to quickly establish a secure system for extracting an injured worker.

Versatility for Various Rope Rescue Needs:

  • Multi-function Device: The MPD functions as a lowering brake, a belay device, and a ratcheting pulley for hauling, all in one unit. This versatility allows your team to address various needs during a rescue operation without requiring additional equipment.
  • Two Size Options: The MPD comes in two sizes: 13 mm and 11 mm. The 13 mm version is designed for use with thicker ropes (12.5 – 13 mm), while the 11 mm model is suitable for 11 mm ropes. This allows you to choose the MPD that best suits your specific needs and equipment.

Additional Features:

  • UL Classified: The MPD is UL Classified as a Pulley, Descent Control, and Belay device, meeting stringent safety standards.
  • Variable Friction Control: The MPD offers variable-friction descent control, providing greater control during rappelling and rescue operations.
  • Built-in Becket: The MPD incorporates a built-in becket for cleaner rigging and more efficient pulley systems.
  • Durable Storage: The MPD comes with a protective Cordura nylon storage bag for safekeeping and easy transport.
  • User Manual Included: A comprehensive MPD User’s Manual is included for proper use and training.

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