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Outback Convertible Harness Sit Harness, Medium


Outback Convertible Harness Sit Harness, Medium

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A harness that redefines backcountry operations. Now available with modular Gear Loops!
The Outback Convertible Harness is a lightweight modular system for fast-moving technical teams in remote areas. Certified to EN standards and tested to ASTM standards, the Outback meets the strength requirements for a versatile mountaineering harness capable of rescue, rope access, climbing, and tactical or military operations. Its patent-pending integration lets users configure the harness for the task at hand and share components interchangeably in the field. Every team member wears the belt, edge personnel add leg loops, and vertical technicians get the full ensemble. The Outback Harness goes the distance and gets the job done. It’s globally certified, highly configurable, and fully-featured for challenging mountain operations.

Note: if you’re between sizes or plan to wear multiple layers of clothing, we recommend sizing up for more range in the waist belt circumference.

Sit Harness

Waist Belt
Leg Loop Assembly
Optional Rear Straps

Chest Harness

Chest Unit
Optional Rear Strap

Chest Ascender Kit

Chest Ascender
Ascender Strap
Stainless Steel Delta Quick Link

Carry Pouch
Gear Loop

Sit Harness

Waist Belt

Easily donned using the quick-connect Cobra Buckle
Narrow width to fit through most belt loops
Compatible with a number of Molle attachments
Comfortable to wear all-day, increases technical readiness

Leg Loop Assembly

Patent-pending integration system adds leg loops without opening belt
Creates a highly stable connection that maintains its position on the body
Leg loops are closed by quick-connect Cobra Buckles, assembling in seconds
No need to remove backpack, skis, snowshoes, or crampons when donning
Aluminum D-Ring is more durable than fabric and fits multiple connections without cross loading

Optional Rear Straps

Included with the Leg Loop Assembly for added comfort when hiking
Rear straps are optional, lightweight, and removable if no longer desired

Chest Harness

Chest Unit

Rapidly integrated without opening the sit harness or other components
Allows teams to utilize the sit harness until a full body unit is preferred
Provides additional comfort, security, and features for rope work
Sternal attachment point for backup systems or helicopter operations
Universally sized to allow sharing between team members in the field
Easily assembled and adjusted using 3 Cobra Frame Buckles

Optional Rear Strap

Included with Chest Unit for added comfort on rope and hanging suspended
Rear strap is optional, lightweight, and easily stowed if no longer desired

Chest Ascender Kit

Quickly installs the lightweight Kong Futura Body mini chest ascender
Certified to CE EN 567 and CE EN 12841/B, compatible with rope 9 – 11 mm
Kit includes ascender strap and delta quick-link for rapid integration
Allows technicians to move on the rope without relying on a large team
Works in combination with other ascent/descent devices for easy progression
Delivers vertical mobility, hands-free positioning, and self-sufficiency

Carry Pouch

Compact, comfortable to carry, and made with water resistant X-50 fabric
Carries harness components as well as essential gear like carabiners and cord
Molle compatible velcro straps attach to the Waist Belt, packs, or structures
Zippered front pocket is sized to fit cell phones, keys, or GPS devices
Gear loops on each side provide easy access to equipment when roped up

Gear Loop

Essential accessory for organizing and carrying gear on the Outback Harness
Fast, light, and modular – it quickly attaches to the Waist Belt while it’s being worn
Redundant, closed loop design connects both Buckles for increased security
Each loop also functions as a gear sling, attaching equipment all-at-once to the harness
Multiple gear loops can be attached in desired locations for maximum versatility
Ideal tool for users in rescue, access, mountaineering, tactical, and teaching


EN 12277:2015+A1:2018
Tested to ASTM 1772-17

Click here for the Outback Harness PPE Procedure and additional information.

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