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CMC 8mm Bound Loop Prusik – Red 18in


Sewn-Loop Prusiks 18 Inch, Red


Years of development, testing and fine tuning has made our Prusik cord a preferred choice by rescue schools, agencies and rescuers alike. Our Sewn-Loop Prusiks offer unmatched performancewith strength equivalent to a tied Prusik loop, just without the cumbersome knot. The factory-sewn SecureStitchTM is covered with durable clear shrink tubing that allows regular inspection and helps protect the stitching for longer life.These loops are producedwith our 8mm Prusik cord.

WARNING: Removal of protective shrink tubing is not advised. This feature protects the stitching and label from premature wear. Removal could jeopardize user safety and product conformance to applicable standards.

Additional information

Weight 1.748 lbs
Dimensions 1846 in