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Teufelberger KM III WHITE, 1/2


Teufelberger KM III WHITE, 1/2

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All KMIII is sold by the foot.

A superior handling rescue rope, Teufelberger KM III static kernmantle rope features composite construction, with the continuous filament polyester sheath braided over a continuous nylon fiber core. Featuring a weight-balanced construction with the sheath and the core each representing half the total weight, KM III is torque-balanced to eliminate any spin during a rappel. This provides excellent handling and knot-holding characteristics, as well as rugged protection from abrasion and cutting. The polyester sheath provides added protection from ultraviolet light and chemicals harmful to nylon, while reducing the strength loss and weight gain that occurs when nylon absorbs water.

Rope is sold by the foot. Rope ends are included. No charge on custom cutting. Specify desired lengths in order notes. See table below for maximum lengths.


New England KM III Specifications

The following specifications apply to all diameters of New England KM III:
Certification UL Classified to NFPA 1983 Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services, 2017 Edition.
Construction Block creel, static kernmantle.
Fiber Core is 100% nylon. Sheath is 100% high-tenacity polyester.
Sheath 32-strand braided, with half the strands having a left (Z) twist and the other half having a right (S) twist for a balanced, torque-free rope with maximum abrasion resistance.
Rating NFPA General Use for 13 mm (1/2 in); NFPA Technical Use for 9.5 mm (3/8 in) and 11 mm (7/16 in)
Temperature Melt point 460 F (238 C).

Made in the USA

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