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Texora Black Mamba Sling 1.5 Meter Sling


Texora Black Mamba Sling 1.5 Meter Sling

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Built for extreme work environments, Texoras Black Mamba represents a breakthrough in technical safety and versatility. Its para-aramid fiber core has a 450C (842F) melting point, and high durability. The PES elastane sheath protects and contains the inner fibers in a lightweight, low-profile, and easy to handle package. Classified to EN standards for two person loads and rated to 49 kN (11,016 LBF) MBS, the Mamba is burly for anchor building and compact enough to carry on the harness or in a pocket. Its the ideal tool for rescue and access in harsh conditions.

The breaking force of this equipment exceeds requirements of the listed standards, yet it remains supple, lightweight, and low volume. Black Mamba slings are firm and flexible, maintaining their shape when wrapping around overhead structures or getting into hard to reach places. Their high strength opens options for using choker configuration (girth hitch). There is no heavy hardware to carry and maintain, and it packs down nicely for transport. The expected lifespan of the Mamba is three years from the date of first use or 5 years from the date of manufacture, provided all instructions of use, maintenance, and storage have been followed and all controls have been carried out (primary limitation is UV exposure).

NOTE: It is essential to follow best practices for inspecting equipment, placing slings around low diameter structures, and using edge protection. The Black Mamba’s polyester sheath is not a replacement for edge protection. It encapsulates the strength-bearing para-aramid core and is designed for limited protection against the elements. If proper edge protection is neglected, the sheath can be damaged to the point of needing retirement. Always evaluate the anchor and environment, utilizing appropriate edge protection for the application. Take care of the Mamba and the Mamba will take care of you. See the product manual for details.

Versatile anchor sling and lanyard for rescue and access
Strong and durable with 49 kN MBS (11,016 LBF) end to end
Classified to EN standards and rated for a two-person load
Internal core: Para-Aramid Fiber, melting point 450C (842F)
External cover: Polyester Elastane Sheath, melting point 230C (446F)
Core is resistant to cuts, impacts, abrasion, fire, and acids
Lightweight and compact, carry on harness or in a pocket
Sheath provides smooth handling and protects surfaces
Firm and flexible, easy to manipulate for hard to reach places
High strength opens options for choker configuration (girth hitch)
3 year lifespan from first use, 5 year lifespan from date of manufacture


EN 795:2012 Type B
EN 354:2010
CEN TS 16415:2013 (2 people)


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Dimensions 154.92 in