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AZTEK Elite System, Sterling


The AZTEK Elite system utilizes two high efficiency swivel blocks and specialty sewn cordage to create a multi-purpose mechanical advantage system.



A unique, multi-functional system, the AZTEK is a simple and versatile tool for mechanical advantage rigging. The system has numerous uses, including as an adjustable high directional for a belay line, pickoffs and aerial rescue, for litter scoop rigging and attendant tether, among others. The opposite end of the rope functions as an individual edge restraint system utilizing the included travel restraint and screwlink. The AZTEK Omni Block pulleys keep loads oriented correctly when tensioned. The system is easily transported or swapped between users thanks to its accessible pouch-style carry case

AZTEK Elite NFPA-G: 2 Sterling Steel autolock carabiners offer high strength and G-rated certification and end-to-end strength over 8,000 lb.

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Weight 10 lbs


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